1-What is laser ?

Laser is light that is amplified in a way that makes it affect one particular color for example black an the type used in hair removal or red as used in vascular nevi or strawberry hemangiomas

2-Laser for hair removal?

Is it harmful or can cause any diseases or tumors? –

Loser hair removal does not affect any internal organ hence it is not harmful, can be used during pregnancy and does not cause any tumors whether benign or malignant

– So, what are its side effects?

When the power of the laser is not adjusted proper especially in laser of deeply pigmented skin it may causeburns but there usually last for day & are mostly superficial

– Can we use laser hair Removal for any area in the body?

Yes if this particular area contains thick pigmented hair as the lasers used in hair removal targets the black color

3- Laser for removal of freckles & sun spots :

-I have lot of freckles in my face, how can I get rid of them?

One or two sessions of NDYAG laser can be very effective depending on its amount as well as the depth of the pigment

– Will they appear again?

If you continue exposure to sun without the appropriate sun block for your skin it will appear again in a variable period of time depending on your exposure to sun

4- Laser for moles , nevi …………etc.

Can we remove any nevus some nevi can be removed completely while others respond only partially so it is advised to do a test area first.

-Are there nevi that can’t be removed by laser?

Yes and this can be judged after clinical examination &doing laser test

-How many sessions do we need to remove nevi?

It is highly variable from only 3 sessions up to 8 or more according to each case

5- Fractional laser for rejuvenation,resurfacing wrinkles and treating post acne scars?

– Can it remove post acne scars ?

Yes and the fractional laser is considered one of the latest advances in treating scars as it improves the scars markedly due to stimulating collagen formation

-Can fractional laser also improve scars due to burns surgeries or other  injuries ?

Yes and this occurs through improving collagen remodeling

-Haw many sessions are needed ?

Usually four sessions are sufficient to notice the improvement which happens gradually with each session

-I don’t have scars how can I benefit from fractional laser ?

ofcourse you can as it helps to remove damaged layers to appear which gives you a fresh bright look , also it increases collagen formation so it can prevent & improve fine wrinkles hence you can get a fresh younger look

-can laser tighten the skin yes or explained in the previous question

-can laser give us a pure fresh skin ?

yes as described previously

6- Warts laser treatment  ( hands , feet & genital)

-Can warts be treated with laser ?

Yes and it is highly effective also it doesn’t have down time as there is no pain , redness or any other symptom interfering with returning to normal life

7- skin tags removal

-Why do I have skin tags ?

This is due to several causes including inheritance ,susceptibility diabetes , obesity ……….etc

-Are they infections


What are the common sites?

Face , neck , axilla

-How can they removed ?
One or two sessions of co2 laser which is usually not painful
-will they come again ?

The ones removed do not recur but new ones can appear as the person who gets them is susceptible but they will need several years to become appearant