What are fillers ?

Natural compound called hyaluronic acid which is similar to our skin collagen so it , can give natural appearance when injected in hollow (empty) areas of the face

How can I know if I need filling or not ?

The lower part of the face especially around the mouth , also the cheeks & lips tend to lose their contour with age & this is usually familial if you get the feeling that some areas of your face lost their contour then you should consult your dermatologist

Also if you lose weight or feel your face is sagging filler can lift the face sagging & not only fill the grooves

How long does not last ?

Being a natural compound similar to our skin constituents so it becomes degraded in a period ranging from 6-12 months depending on the skin type

Other materials. Previously used for filling as silicone were permanent but they had lost of side effects so they are not used anymore

If I don’t repeat the injection will I get more wrinkles ?

When the filler starts degrading the face gradually returns to its condition before injection without any increase in the wrinkles

Do it fillers have side effects ?

When done by experienced dermatologist only slight redness , oedema sometime bruise would happen & last for maximum 3-4 days.